Supporting your business

Management of Strategy & Change
Isabelle works with you and your team to understand your overall vision strategy and critical success factors. By using a range of tools and techniques some of which she has designed herself, Isabelle can support you in the design of an integrated change programme to deliver your objectives.

Action Learning Sets & Focus Groups

Isabelle runs and trains others to run Action Learning Sets within single or multi professional teams. Isabelle designs and runs focus groups to gather data on a range of issues including:

  • Staff morale
  • Product trials
  • Customer feedback
  • Training Needs Analysis.

Coaching & Mentoring
Through the use of a range of psychometric tests and other data such as performance reviews, attitude surveys, customer feedback, interviews with teams and business results Isabelle can coach managers to enhance their leadership skills and become more effective in their professional and personal life.

Isabelle designs simple but effective questionnaires as either stand-alone products or as part of a diagnostic and review process. Using open, closed and multiple questions Isabelle tailors the design of the questionnaire to who will ask the questions and how (i.e. face to face, email, telephone on paper) as well as who will be answering them.

Innovation & Improvement
With both public and private sector experience in creative problem solving and quality management Isabelle can advise and support you to use a range of total quality, creative, lean and project management tools.

Facilitation & Mediation
Isabelle designs and facilitates meetings and workshops using a wide range of techniques that can be either hands on or hands off depending on your requirements. Isabelle is also an accredited mediator.

Careers & Personal Visioning
With over 20 years experience in the field of careers guidance Isabelle can help senior executives, managers and non managers to better understand their personal and career goals. 

As more teams are measured on their outcomes rather than processes, effective measurement systems are an essential part of a manager’s toolkit. Considering a wide range of data such as financial, customer feedback, people satisfaction and internal processes Isabelle can help you and your team select the measures that best meet your needs.